The contrast of Eveline and Dee

Both Eveline form James Joyce’s “Eveline” and Dee from Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” face obstacles in their young age. However, their decisions and actions turn out differently.  Eveline is exhausted and too tired to take care of her family and house. She has to endure father’s abuse and works hard to keep her house together. She is a poor young lady and the only way to escape her severe circumstance is running away with Frank, a sailor from another continent.  Walker’s Dee is also poor and from African American family.  Dee’s sister is not bright, and her mom didn’t finish second grade. She is so desperate to escape home and live her own life. As a poor young African American girl, she has to work hard to study at college. Eveline and Dee, two characters from different stories, want to leave their home and start new lives. The decisions are different. Eveline is decided to stay home and Dee leaves her family to go to college. Their decisions illustrate each  one’s different  priority and love for family. How hard we try to analyze Eveline’s  psychological conflict to get the reason of her decision, It be must love and duty  to her family.  She sacrifice’s her happiness or the chance of new life for family. Dee chooses her new life and opportunity. Now, She can appreciates her African American heritage, but she can’t feel the real heritage in her blood, the family. There are two females who both don’t like their house and struggle in their lives to live better life, but their decisions are not same. When Eveline is about to get on the boat she still see her family behind her back, but Dee can not see her family living in the humble house.


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