The Character of Eveline

I can’t find more suitable word to describe the character of Eveline from James Joyce’s short story “Eveline” than loyal and sacrificing. She is a hard working young woman. She works hard in the house and at the store to keep the house together. It appears that her family doesn’t care about Eveline’s efforts for her family but she puts up with father’s abuse and gives her entire wage to him, because she wants keep her mother’s last wish. It is a big burden for a young girl to spend most of her time for her family. She is tired of her duties and her circumstance. However, she gives up the opportunity to leave home and start over. There must be mixed and complicated reasons for her to stay home. When she is about to leave her family, she writes letters to father and her brother. She thinks her father would miss her and remembers some good memories when her father was good to her and family. Even though she wants a better life and new adventures with Frank, she throws away the opportunity and stays where she belongs. Eveline loves her family and tries to keep her mother’s last wish. She is royal and sacrifices her life for her family.


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